Who am I?

Hi I'm Danika I don't really know who I am yet, this is my blog I will keep my age my full name and other private stuff like that private for now. But I will be blogging just because I think some people could relate to what I'm going through and my daily life and... Continue Reading →

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Maybe this will work?

today at therapy I am going to... I have therapy today and I have been thinking really hard and I really hate this feeling of numbness. So I am going to talk to her and see if she thinks I need to go inpatient for a week so if I do I will not be... Continue Reading →

So much stress and anxiety…

Inspirational Quotes To Deal With Stress and Inspiring Quotes To Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Tension - DAILY QUOTE IMAGE So its been a couple months I think I really honestly don't know I've been so stressed, My relationship has completely fucked itself over, my dad court date is coming up which isn't bad just worrying,... Continue Reading →

I never post twice a day but…

I usually only post once a month but, the racing thoughts wont go away i'm in class right now and for no reason tears just started streaming from my eyes as if crying for hours till I passed out yesterday wasn't enough now in school? I mean I already cried in school today but it... Continue Reading →

A hurt that won’t go away.

I was dating a guy and he screwed me over of course like the last one, But you know I thought that was going to be different after almost exactly a month a couple days after our anniversary he left. But when I asked him why it was always something different, First it was "... Continue Reading →

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